general faq

when and where can i order?

kgt has monthly restocks- which is when you are only able to purchase! we do not take pre orders.we create one of a kind pieces that are pre made and ready to ship during our restock day. each piece has been made in a certain size/design. those details are in the listing of that specific item.

how do your restocks work?

KGT has one restock a month. the team works on building stock, and then it all goes on sale during the set restock day. you cannot buy anything prior to restock days, pre order, or customize items. we do not always restock the same designs. a lot of the time the designs are one of a kind or made during limited times of the year. we will sometimes restock the same designs if they are requested and popular enough. we pride ourselves on making new and fun designs every month for you! our collab tops that feature the handmade work of other artists are always only made once and will never be restocked in that same design.

where are you based and do you ship worldwide?

we are based in the US and we ship worldwide

how long does shipping take?

all of the pre made items are ready to ship within 7-14 days. any plus size custom items will take 3-4 weeks to be made and shipped. everything ships out first class USPS unless it is too heavy, which it then ships out priority USPS. please note international orders usually take 2-4+ weeks to arrive.

do you take customs?

currently our customs are not open. the only custom pieces we make are for plus size custom listings. if you are a plus size cutie, then you will have a few custom spots opened up during restocks.

do you take plus sizes?

yes, we release custom plus size listings every month with our restocks. the plus size customs will be labeled "PLUS SIZE....". all you have to do is purchase the listing and then fill out the custom plus size form listed under our contact page here on the site. you provide us with your personal measurements there. plus size customs have a turn around time of 3-4 weeks. In the future we will try our best to standardize plus sizes on our size chart.

what are your price ranges?

prices vary for every restock depending on what type of designs we are making! on average, our designs range $100-$400. we offer payment plans via shop pay.

returns + exchanges

what is your refund policy?

please contact us via our contact page on our website. If there is an issue with your item, you may return the item for 100% store credit or 50% cash refund. We do not accept full cash refunds. you must return the item back to us to receive the store credit or cash refund. if you do not ship the item correctly or the post office loses the package, the store credit or cash refund will not be given. we recommend shipping the item back via usps priority mail.

what is your exchange policy?

depending on the situation, we may be able to offer exchanges. however, because our items are ususally one of a kind and sell out relatively fast- we are not always able to offer exchanges. if you happen to be able to exchange an item, you must cover the cost of shipping to return it back to us.

what if my package is lost?

unfortunately, the post office loses packages or items can get mis-delivered. if your package is lost, please contact your local post office to open a claim. feel free to contact us and let us know it hasn't been delivered. we are not responsible for lost or damaged packages, but we can find a solution together to work it out!

what if the item doesn't fit?

our sizing is very detailed and the tops themselves can be very adjustable. please triple check the kgt size chart and your measurements to insure that the top you are ordering fits. if you happen to measure inaccurately, not read our size chart, or not double check the size of the item you ordered, you can return the item for store credit.

care + materials

how do i care for my crochet top?

remove any crystal or jewelry pendants from the top. there are clasps you can undo to remove them. it is recommended that you handwash the item with cold water and lay flat to dry. if you have to use a machine, please always put the item in a laundry bag so that it doesn't snag on anything. wash with cold water and on delicate. lay flat to air dry. we are not responsible for any damage in the washing process.

what metal do you use on your tops?

we use 100% stainless steel chains and metal hardware. it is hypoallergenic and non tarnish. it will hold up in water perfectly fine! remember to always remove and crystal pendants from the top prior to washing because those are not meant to be washed.

what material do you use with your tops?

majority of our tops are made with 100% cotton. but some do have velvet or non cotton accents which are polyester. materials of each top are listed in the description of the item.


if between sizes we recommend sizing up.



very important- the over bust measurement can be a beneficial sizing reference paired with your cup size. please use the photo below to determine your over bust measurement(this is not the band size of your bra). different cup sizes can fit different cup sizes. If you don’t see your bra size on my chart, try searching for your sister size. if you barely reach into a category or have a very small band size(ie 30c), i recommend sizing down. my tops are very adjustable in the waist so i recommend sizing down for that reason. however if you are worried about the coverage of the cups, then you can size up. for example, my bust is 39-40” anD I AM A 36D/34 DD SISTER SIZE, and i can wear both the medium/large and large/xl, however i prefer to wear the medium/large because it is a tighter fit. majority of my tops have an adjustable corset style back design that you can tighten or loosen. this allows for the best fit possible with crochet clothing and can accommodate those who might have larger breasts and smaller rib cage or vice versa. feel free to contact me with more questions if you have any!


if your bust is past the xl/2xl size , then it’s considered plus size and will be a custom order. periodically we release custom plus size listings of certain designs. These are the measurements I will need from you and here is a reference photo for best accuracy. please note that plus sizes are currently just listed as customs temporarily until i can standardize them onto the KGT process. by listing them as custom i am able to gather personal measurements to learn plus sizes better, so that once they are standardized on the size chart, their won’t be sizing issues. this is a slow process- so i appreciate my plus size babes being patient. i want the sizing to be accurate for you all.